About Us

This site is sponsored by the Covenant Life Church of God prayer team.
We have the privilege of interceding for our church and surrounding areas as the Lord leads us.  For several years now, God has expanded our vision to include specific nations and people groups to pray for.  His love is so inclusive of all mankind and he mandates we extend that love to those He assigns us to pray for.

We enjoy the time spent with Him.  His great love and power is poured out when we press in to intercede for others.  We have had many visits with the move of Holy Spirit in our midst.  He wants to spend time with us, if we will give Him our attention and our time to prayer.

Our Mission
Our mission is to follow the leading of the Holy Spirit in prayer and intercession.  We meet weekly for concentrated prayer and daily by email and text as the congregation needs us.  We also have many prayer requests come in from those outside our community.

We desire this website to encourage others to do the same thing as we grow in the knowledge of the Word of God, our ability to pray according to God’s will increases. There are several lessons on prayer found here on the site.  We pray they will help others on their journey to prayer assignments God sets, just as they have helped us.

Be blessed and held in God’s grace in your journey of prayer.